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Watchmen: The Movie, Everything I Hoped For, And More…


WARNING: This article contains spoilers about the film Watchmen (2009), so if you haven’t seen the movie, run off to your nearest theatre and see it, and then come back and read this article.

Well, the movie version of the world’s most famous graphic novel has finally arrived, and let me just say that I was quite nervous about this particular film. I am a huge fan of Watchmen. What Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons did with their comic book was simply amazing, and I was just as sceptical as they were when it was announced that Zack Snyder would be directing the big screen adaptation of their masterpiece.

Saying this, I went and saw Watchmen at the theatre on Monday evening, and I was thoroughly impressed with Snyder’s vision of the novel. In fact, Snyder’s vision was very much what Moore and Gibbons’ vision was, indeed, the film is very much an accurate portrayal of the graphic novel in almost every way imaginable. It is quite easy to see that Snyder truly is a fanboy in every sense of the word. He had to make the film that was Moore’s Watchmen, and not his own.

However, there were a few things about the film that I felt could have been done better. The first and most significant is the sex scene between Silk Spectre II and Nite Owl. While this scene did take place in the source novel, it was not as graphic as the one presented in the film. Indeed, it was overdone to such an extent that many laughs could be heard throughout the theatre, with me being one of the many providing them. While this really isn’t a big deal in the long run, it is interesting to note that Snyder was looking for ways to cut down the film’s funning time, however chose to leave this minute plus love scene in the film. The second thing that I would like to mention, is that Snyder chose to cut the scene involving the death of Hollis Mason, the original Nite Owl. Now I would have though that this scene was important enough to be included in the final cut of the film, however Snyder chose to leave the sex scene in the film. Now common Zack, what do you think is really important?

This final thing that I would like to mention in regards to issues with the film, is the ending. I loved the ending of the original Watchmen graphic novel. I found it very surprising, yet very fitting at the same time. The imagery of the hideous inter-dimensional monster and the millions of dead New Yorkers lying in the streets was very powerful for a first time reader of the book. When watching the film adaptation, I was looking forward to see how Synder would interpret this scene, and lets just say I was surpised by what I saw. Synder altered the ending to make it seem to the public as though Dr. Manhattan was responsible for the deaths of millions around the globe, and the kind of nuclear energy associated with him was used by Adrian Veidt to kill all the innocent victims, in the same vein as what the monster did in the novel. Now this ending was not horrible, indeed it did fit with this modern take on Watchmen, however as a fan of the source material, I was really looking forward to seeing the hideous monster rampaging New York.

the-comedian1Even though it may seem like I was displeased with the film because of the issues I took above, that is not the case. I really loved this film, regardless of what I said in this article. It was about as close as you could get to seeing Watchmen perfectly adapted for the big screen. This was the Watchmen film that I never though I would see, because many believed, including myself, that the movie just couldn’t be made. Almost everything about it was perfect. The cast of the film was superb, especially Rorschach, who was totally badass. The Comedian was also extremely well played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He immediately became one of my favorite comic book characters of all time after seeing him in this film.  This film definetly is a must see for not only fans of the graphic novel, but for everyone.

One last thing, there are rumors floating around that Warner Brothers wants to put a sequel into production. THIS IS A MISTAKE. While the idea of another story from the Watchmen universe is interesting to say the least, this novel is one of the greatest ever written, and it has an excellent film to go along with it. Lets not cheapen the whole experience with the money grab that would be the sequel. Saying this, if Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons decide to write a sequel, and Zack Synder just happens to want to direct the big screen adaptation, who am I to complain.


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Insomnia, My Friend and Enemy…

insomniaAs a university student, my schedule tends to make sleep difficult when the work begins to pile up. When an essay is due the next day and I have yet to even start it, pulling an all-nighter tends to be the only option I have. And when this sort of things happens, it throws off my system, and sleep tends to evade for me for a few days. This tends to be something I try to avoid, but like I said above, sometimes it is unavoidable.

Now I doesn’t always necessarily bother me to go a couple of days without sleep. It allows me to get a lot of things done, such as extra reading, or finishing that next level in whatever XBOX 360 game I happen to be playing at the time. I am able to watch entire seasons of TV shows such as 30 Rock, and make gourmet breakfasts every morning, because lets face, what else would I do with hours of time to waste, and nothing to do?

However, not sleeping isn’t always as pleasant as I make it sound in the paragraph above. There are some nights when I just know that I am tired, and I want to sleep more than anything in the world, but it just doesn’t happen. I will lie in bed for hours at a time, just lying there, staring at the ceiling, or staring at the wall, or staring at the door, not knowing why I can’t sleep. There are other times however when I have something on my mind, whether it be a school assignment, or just something stupid that I can’t get out of my head. It is these times that make insomnia one of the most frustrating occurrences to endure.

There are a few tricks however that I have learned over the last couple years that may help with insomnia, I know it has helped me to a certain degree when I can’t sleep. Now I am not guaranteeing these steps as a sure fire way to avoid insomnia, however they have helped me, and they may help someone else who is encountering a similar situation.

The first step is to try and keep a regular sleep schedule during the week. From Monday to Friday, try and go to sleep at the same time every night, regardless of what time you have to wake up in the morning. To go along with this, try and have a uniform time to wake up every morning, which will put your internal clock into a routine that will allow for a solid night sleep every night. Now on the weekends (especially when your at university), keeping a sleep schedule tends to be a futile process, because your going to end up staying up late, and sleeping in the next morning. But that’s alright, as long as your maintain your schedule during the weekdays.

The other step that one can take to avoid insomnia is quite simple. If you can’t sleep, just get up. When lying in bed, and you find that you are unable to sleep, do not struggle, and toss and turn, just get up, watch TV, read a book, do anything except sleep. This will force you to be sleep deprived for the following night, allowing for a full night sleep the next day. The other rule to go along with this one is also very important. If you decide not to sleep, it is imperative that you not have a nap the next day, as this will ruin the rhythm  that you are trying to establish. However if you must sleep during the next day, limit your nap to one hour. This shouldn’t hurt the routine much, if at all.

Well there are my suggestions for a better night sleep. But like I said, sometimes, if you are really struggling from insomnia, even these rules will not help you in any way at all, and if this is the case, that is when you should probably consult your doctor. But if you just struggle with sleep every now and then, feel free to try this suggestions and see how they work for you. And if they do indeed help, please comment and let me know. And if you have any other suggestions, feel free to comment on them as well, as I would love to try out other ways of solving my sleep problems, and trust me, sometimes I need all the help I can get.

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The Joy of the Blog

Well, lets just start by saying that this whole ‘blog’ thing kind of makes me scratch my head. It still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, yet here I am, writing my first entry on my new blog. I guess this can just be used as an outlet for me, someplace where I can write (because I do enjoy writing) and not really worry about content or purpose. The issue that I have with the blog, is that will anybody actually read this? Will the stuff that write just collect dust (metaphorical dust)? I guess, in the long run, if I ever become famous or anything, I can print off everything that I have written on here and just publish it as a book and make some cash off it. I mean, hell, you never know, maybe someday this will all be read by a lot of people. It could happen…

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