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For Conan’s Last Show, I Might Just Have Shed a Tear…

conan_obrienWell, Conan O’Brien has come along way. I suppose the picture to the right certainly demonstrates this fact the best. Last night was Conan’s final broadcast as host of Late Night, and it was an excellent way to end his tenure on this particular late night talk show.

As a follow up to my post from the other day, it was nice to see that Conan’s final show at 12:30 was done correctly, and was quite enjoyable to say the least. As sad as I was to see Conan sign off for the final time on Late Night, I am now very anxious for his version of the Tonight Show to start on June 1st.

The show began in an emotional fashion, with Conan receiving a standing ovation from his studio audience for at least a few minutes, which I could tell meant a lot to the host. He continued to tell a few jokes before playing a video message he had received from singer John Mayer. Afterwards, he played his favorite segment that he had done during his time on the show. This was from his visit to a baseball league that is played as if it were 1860, including authentic rules and costumes. Conan even got into the action, sporting a bushy red mustache with the sideburns to match. It was deserving of being one of the final clips played during his last week of shows.

The show continued with Will Ferrell coming out to say his goodbyes, however he was not dressed as himself, as he came out doing his impression of former U.S President George W. Bush. He then continued to rip off his clothes and do the leprechaun strip-tease that had made Will Ferrell so famous on Late Night.

After another commercial break, Conan made the announcement that his first special guest was his former sidekick Andy Richter, which I was very happy to see on the final show. The two good friends then watched some of their favorites clips from the shows history, which one could tell really brought back the memories for both of them. 

The show then moved onto a musical performance by the White Stripes, which was easily noticeable as meaning a lot to Conan. The song that the White Stripes played was not one of their big name hits, but a slower song, playing ‘We’re Going to Be Friends,’ a song with more meaningful lyrics, that really fit the situation well. Saying that, it would have been pretty sweet to hear them play ‘Seven Nation Army’, or ‘The Hardest Button to Button.’ But it was still great, so heres the video.

The show closed out with the final 15 minutes or so being devoted to Conan thanking everyone that was involved with his success over his 16 seasons on Late Night. Some of the more important remarks include thanks to his executive producer Jeff Ross, his family, his writers, the Max Weinberg 7 and Jay Leno. However, his thanks to David Letterman, and to Lorne Michaels were even more sentimental than the others.

To David Letterman, he thanked him for the massive shadow that he had placed on the Late Show, with Conan saying that it was a curse as a gift, with having to better himself every night to live up to his legacy. And to Lorne Michaels, he  thanked him for making him who he was. He said that it was because of Lorne Michaels that he even had his job, as he had taken a chance on a no-name writer to take over from Letterman. It was during this thank you that Conan got a little choked up, which I have to admit, made me do the same.

Overall, I really enjoyed the final episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Indeed, I wish it had been a couple hours longer. I was sad to see his tenure at 12:30 end, but now I am even more excited to see him start on the Tonight Show. By the way, good luck Jimmy Fallon, you have some massive shoes to fill.


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Farewell Conan, We’ll Be Seeing You at 11:30…

strike-conan-obrien_lWell, Conan O’Brien is down to his final two shows as host of Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and let me say, I am truly sad to see him leaving his famed 12:30PM time slot. Saying this, it will certainly be nice to enjoy Conan’s unique brand of comedy at an earlier time.

Conan will soon be taking over the reigns of the Tonight Show from Jay Leno, and let me be the first to say, it is about damn time. I enjoy the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, but I much prefer Conan, and it is about time he is bumped up to the big show.

Conan is by far my favorite late night talk show host of all time. Growing up after the age of Johnny Carson, I grew accustomed to Conan’s brand of humor, often avoiding my ‘bed-time’ as a pre-teen in order to stay up and watch his opening monologue. This is a ritual that I maintain to this day. Regardless of what time I need to wake up the next morning, Late Night always takes precedent.

His last week of shows has been nothing short of stupendous. While on a normal show, Conan would host two guests, as well as a musical guest or comedian to close out the show. However in his final week Conan has only had one guest on each show, showing favorite clips from the past 16 years to fill in the time. Special guests have also been making appearances, such as Stephen Colbert challenging Conan to a string-dance competition, New York Mayor Bloomberg giving Conan a key to a New York City public restroom, and Martha Stewart delivering a 40 of malt liquor and some Taco Bell. Overall, the week has been amazing.

rs743conan-o-brien-rolling-stone-no-743-september-1996-postersIt will be very interesting to see what NBC has planned for the final Late Night with Conan O’Brien. With this show being a staple of the weekday lineup, the Peacock better provide one hell of a send-off for their new Tonight Show host. I know that the White Stripes will be performing, which should be awesome, seeing that it is there first performance as a band since 2007. They have a special relationship with Conan, having played an entire week on his show once, so it should make for some high class entertainment. And I hope to god that Andy Richter makes an appearance. I loved Andy when he was on the show, and it will be awesome to see him and Conan back together again.

More good news was revealed on the last night’s show, with Conan revealing that Max Weinberg, along with the entire Max Weinberg 7 will be making the trip to Burbank to be the new house band on the Tonight Show. I was so pleased to hear this, as the awkward  exchanges between Conan and Max, and even more importantly Conan and LaBamba would have surely been missed.

I am also looking forward to March 2nd, when Late Night with Jimmy Fallon goes on the air. I hope to got he can get out of Conan’s shadow and make the show his own, because I still want to be able to watch a late night talk show at 12:30, but if he is just a clone of Conan O’Brien, what the point, having just watched the master at 11:30.

I wish Conan the best of luck, and I just know that he will be a huge success as the new host of the Tonight Show. Plus, it will be nice to be able to watch Conan in the earlier time slot, because sometimes I need my sleep, and 1:30AM is quite late to stay up when you have an 8:30 class the next morning.

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