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Mats Sundin Returns to Toronto, and He Deserved the Standing Ovation…

mats-sundin-in-toronto1Even though Mats Sundin no longer wears the white and blue, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t hold a special place in the hearts of the many legions of Leafs fan throughout the province of Ontario.

This point was best shown during the first period of Saturday’s game between the Vancouver Canucks and Toronto Maple Leafs, when MLSE played a video on the Jumbo-tron honoring their former captain in front of a capacity crowd.

Many were curious as to what kind of reaction Sundin would receive from the Leafs faithful on Saturday, but that question was quickly answered, when during the video tribute he was a given a standing ovation lasting roughly three minutes.

It was clear that not everyone shared those same sentiments, but I was among those cheering and clapping on my feet, even though I was watching the game from my living room.

I have continued to cheer for Sundin during his tenure with Vancouver. Indeed, I wish I was able to watch their games more, as I have become an instant fan of the Canucks when the Leafs are not playing on a particular night.

Even though some may argue that the circumstances behind Sundin leaving Toronto have hurt the Leafs in the long run, I tend to disagree.

With Mats being asked to waive his no trade clause last spring, many felt that a trade involving the superstar would bring in some much needed young talent, as well as a few draft picks. However, this was not to be, as Sundin refused to leave the city he had played in for the past thirteen years.

And he deserved the right to do that, in my mind. Even though at the time it did make me somewhat angry at what I viewed was a selfish move on his behalf, looking back, it was his choice to make, and he made the right decision. Sundin ended his time in Toronto on his own terms, and I am glad that he did.

As for the standing ovation that he received Saturday night, those that argue that he betrayed the Leafs in refusing a trade will also argue that he didn’t deserve to be honored as such. To put it flat out, these people are wrong.

Sundin serve 13 years with the Leafs, being captain for his final 10 seasons. In the Toronto organization he holds most of the records, leading the franchise in such categories as goals and points all time.

Not withstanding his offensive contribution to the franchise, he also was one of the most beloved captains in team history. There are those that believe he was not a leader, and merely held the captaincy because of his skill. But he was a good captain, just ask any of the men that he played with while in Toronto.

Lets just face it, Sundin is one of the all time greatest Leafs, especially in terms of this generation of fans. Sundin will always have a place in the hearts of Maple Leaf fans (mine included), and I look forward to a few years down the road when the number 13 is raised to its rightful place in the rafters of the Air Canada Centre.

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Insomnia, My Friend and Enemy…

insomniaAs a university student, my schedule tends to make sleep difficult when the work begins to pile up. When an essay is due the next day and I have yet to even start it, pulling an all-nighter tends to be the only option I have. And when this sort of things happens, it throws off my system, and sleep tends to evade for me for a few days. This tends to be something I try to avoid, but like I said above, sometimes it is unavoidable.

Now I doesn’t always necessarily bother me to go a couple of days without sleep. It allows me to get a lot of things done, such as extra reading, or finishing that next level in whatever XBOX 360 game I happen to be playing at the time. I am able to watch entire seasons of TV shows such as 30 Rock, and make gourmet breakfasts every morning, because lets face, what else would I do with hours of time to waste, and nothing to do?

However, not sleeping isn’t always as pleasant as I make it sound in the paragraph above. There are some nights when I just know that I am tired, and I want to sleep more than anything in the world, but it just doesn’t happen. I will lie in bed for hours at a time, just lying there, staring at the ceiling, or staring at the wall, or staring at the door, not knowing why I can’t sleep. There are other times however when I have something on my mind, whether it be a school assignment, or just something stupid that I can’t get out of my head. It is these times that make insomnia one of the most frustrating occurrences to endure.

There are a few tricks however that I have learned over the last couple years that may help with insomnia, I know it has helped me to a certain degree when I can’t sleep. Now I am not guaranteeing these steps as a sure fire way to avoid insomnia, however they have helped me, and they may help someone else who is encountering a similar situation.

The first step is to try and keep a regular sleep schedule during the week. From Monday to Friday, try and go to sleep at the same time every night, regardless of what time you have to wake up in the morning. To go along with this, try and have a uniform time to wake up every morning, which will put your internal clock into a routine that will allow for a solid night sleep every night. Now on the weekends (especially when your at university), keeping a sleep schedule tends to be a futile process, because your going to end up staying up late, and sleeping in the next morning. But that’s alright, as long as your maintain your schedule during the weekdays.

The other step that one can take to avoid insomnia is quite simple. If you can’t sleep, just get up. When lying in bed, and you find that you are unable to sleep, do not struggle, and toss and turn, just get up, watch TV, read a book, do anything except sleep. This will force you to be sleep deprived for the following night, allowing for a full night sleep the next day. The other rule to go along with this one is also very important. If you decide not to sleep, it is imperative that you not have a nap the next day, as this will ruin the rhythm  that you are trying to establish. However if you must sleep during the next day, limit your nap to one hour. This shouldn’t hurt the routine much, if at all.

Well there are my suggestions for a better night sleep. But like I said, sometimes, if you are really struggling from insomnia, even these rules will not help you in any way at all, and if this is the case, that is when you should probably consult your doctor. But if you just struggle with sleep every now and then, feel free to try this suggestions and see how they work for you. And if they do indeed help, please comment and let me know. And if you have any other suggestions, feel free to comment on them as well, as I would love to try out other ways of solving my sleep problems, and trust me, sometimes I need all the help I can get.

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For Conan’s Last Show, I Might Just Have Shed a Tear…

conan_obrienWell, Conan O’Brien has come along way. I suppose the picture to the right certainly demonstrates this fact the best. Last night was Conan’s final broadcast as host of Late Night, and it was an excellent way to end his tenure on this particular late night talk show.

As a follow up to my post from the other day, it was nice to see that Conan’s final show at 12:30 was done correctly, and was quite enjoyable to say the least. As sad as I was to see Conan sign off for the final time on Late Night, I am now very anxious for his version of the Tonight Show to start on June 1st.

The show began in an emotional fashion, with Conan receiving a standing ovation from his studio audience for at least a few minutes, which I could tell meant a lot to the host. He continued to tell a few jokes before playing a video message he had received from singer John Mayer. Afterwards, he played his favorite segment that he had done during his time on the show. This was from his visit to a baseball league that is played as if it were 1860, including authentic rules and costumes. Conan even got into the action, sporting a bushy red mustache with the sideburns to match. It was deserving of being one of the final clips played during his last week of shows.

The show continued with Will Ferrell coming out to say his goodbyes, however he was not dressed as himself, as he came out doing his impression of former U.S President George W. Bush. He then continued to rip off his clothes and do the leprechaun strip-tease that had made Will Ferrell so famous on Late Night.

After another commercial break, Conan made the announcement that his first special guest was his former sidekick Andy Richter, which I was very happy to see on the final show. The two good friends then watched some of their favorites clips from the shows history, which one could tell really brought back the memories for both of them. 

The show then moved onto a musical performance by the White Stripes, which was easily noticeable as meaning a lot to Conan. The song that the White Stripes played was not one of their big name hits, but a slower song, playing ‘We’re Going to Be Friends,’ a song with more meaningful lyrics, that really fit the situation well. Saying that, it would have been pretty sweet to hear them play ‘Seven Nation Army’, or ‘The Hardest Button to Button.’ But it was still great, so heres the video.

The show closed out with the final 15 minutes or so being devoted to Conan thanking everyone that was involved with his success over his 16 seasons on Late Night. Some of the more important remarks include thanks to his executive producer Jeff Ross, his family, his writers, the Max Weinberg 7 and Jay Leno. However, his thanks to David Letterman, and to Lorne Michaels were even more sentimental than the others.

To David Letterman, he thanked him for the massive shadow that he had placed on the Late Show, with Conan saying that it was a curse as a gift, with having to better himself every night to live up to his legacy. And to Lorne Michaels, he  thanked him for making him who he was. He said that it was because of Lorne Michaels that he even had his job, as he had taken a chance on a no-name writer to take over from Letterman. It was during this thank you that Conan got a little choked up, which I have to admit, made me do the same.

Overall, I really enjoyed the final episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Indeed, I wish it had been a couple hours longer. I was sad to see his tenure at 12:30 end, but now I am even more excited to see him start on the Tonight Show. By the way, good luck Jimmy Fallon, you have some massive shoes to fill.

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