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Farewell Conan, We’ll Be Seeing You at 11:30…

strike-conan-obrien_lWell, Conan O’Brien is down to his final two shows as host of Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and let me say, I am truly sad to see him leaving his famed 12:30PM time slot. Saying this, it will certainly be nice to enjoy Conan’s unique brand of comedy at an earlier time.

Conan will soon be taking over the reigns of the Tonight Show from Jay Leno, and let me be the first to say, it is about damn time. I enjoy the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, but I much prefer Conan, and it is about time he is bumped up to the big show.

Conan is by far my favorite late night talk show host of all time. Growing up after the age of Johnny Carson, I grew accustomed to Conan’s brand of humor, often avoiding my ‘bed-time’ as a pre-teen in order to stay up and watch his opening monologue. This is a ritual that I maintain to this day. Regardless of what time I need to wake up the next morning, Late Night always takes precedent.

His last week of shows has been nothing short of stupendous. While on a normal show, Conan would host two guests, as well as a musical guest or comedian to close out the show. However in his final week Conan has only had one guest on each show, showing favorite clips from the past 16 years to fill in the time. Special guests have also been making appearances, such as Stephen Colbert challenging Conan to a string-dance competition, New York Mayor Bloomberg giving Conan a key to a New York City public restroom, and Martha Stewart delivering a 40 of malt liquor and some Taco Bell. Overall, the week has been amazing.

rs743conan-o-brien-rolling-stone-no-743-september-1996-postersIt will be very interesting to see what NBC has planned for the final Late Night with Conan O’Brien. With this show being a staple of the weekday lineup, the Peacock better provide one hell of a send-off for their new Tonight Show host. I know that the White Stripes will be performing, which should be awesome, seeing that it is there first performance as a band since 2007. They have a special relationship with Conan, having played an entire week on his show once, so it should make for some high class entertainment. And I hope to god that Andy Richter makes an appearance. I loved Andy when he was on the show, and it will be awesome to see him and Conan back together again.

More good news was revealed on the last night’s show, with Conan revealing that Max Weinberg, along with the entire Max Weinberg 7 will be making the trip to Burbank to be the new house band on the Tonight Show. I was so pleased to hear this, as the awkward  exchanges between Conan and Max, and even more importantly Conan and LaBamba would have surely been missed.

I am also looking forward to March 2nd, when Late Night with Jimmy Fallon goes on the air. I hope to got he can get out of Conan’s shadow and make the show his own, because I still want to be able to watch a late night talk show at 12:30, but if he is just a clone of Conan O’Brien, what the point, having just watched the master at 11:30.

I wish Conan the best of luck, and I just know that he will be a huge success as the new host of the Tonight Show. Plus, it will be nice to be able to watch Conan in the earlier time slot, because sometimes I need my sleep, and 1:30AM is quite late to stay up when you have an 8:30 class the next morning.


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Me, a Sports Journalist? Maybe Someday…


So as none if you will no, because there is no one reading this (lol), I am also a writer on the sports journalism website Bleacher Report. I really pride myself in my journalism, so I figured I would share one of my recent article entitled, “Jason Blake: Three Reasons the Leafs Should Trade Him.” I am primarily a Toronto Maple Leafs analyst, so if you are a fan, I hope you enjoy:

35956_featureWith Brian Burke now officially the general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs, many people are beginning to wonder when the so-called “rebuilding” process will begin.

With no moves being made yet and the trade deadline quickly approaching, the big question is who will stay and who will go. In my opinion, there is one person on the team that is almost certainly on his way out of Toronto: Jason Blake.

I personally have nothing against Blake. I like his style of play and I like the skill that he brings to the Leafs, especially as of late as his play has been spectacular.

However, on this Leafs team he has no place on the roster. Here are the three reasons why Jason Blake should be traded this year.


Toronto is looking to build a team around a strong base of young players, such as Luke Schenn. At 35, it is easy to see that Blake does not fit in with where this team is moving.

The Leafs should look to trade him and pick some draft picks, prospects, or even one decent young player, because, in the long run, it will benefit the team much more than Blake ever could in the present.


Blake is in the second year of a five-year, $20 million contract, and it is easy to see that this cap space could be better spent on three or four young players.

Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment has always been worried about money when it comes to its hockey team, and even though Burke has complete autonomy, there will be a push from the front office for Burke to save some money where the source is available.

Jason Blake is arguably that source.


Blake has been nothing if not inconsistent during his tenure with the Buds. After scoring 40 goals in his final season with the NY Islanders, Blake managed merely 15 in his first season with the Leafs.

Due to the fact that Blake was signed to give offense to a team that was lacking in that department, a 15-goal season is just not acceptable. Granted, Blake was struggling with his recent cancer diagnosis, but he still managed to play all 82 games, and for a player of Blake’s supposed caliber, 15 goals just won’t cut it.

On the flip side, Blake’s production of late has been quite excellent. Through 49 games thus far this season, Blake already has 19 goals and 40 points.

He has been the Leafs’ best player through the last 10 to 15 games, which one could argue is giving him a much better trade value than this time last year. This should be reason enough for Mr. Burke to pull the trigger and make a deal before it might be too late.

In conclusion, it is easy to see that the Leafs need to move Blake. The team needs to start looking toward the future, and although he might be good for the present, in the long run, the Leafs need youth.

At his age, Jason Blake is merely part of the past.

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The Joy of the Blog

Well, lets just start by saying that this whole ‘blog’ thing kind of makes me scratch my head. It still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, yet here I am, writing my first entry on my new blog. I guess this can just be used as an outlet for me, someplace where I can write (because I do enjoy writing) and not really worry about content or purpose. The issue that I have with the blog, is that will anybody actually read this? Will the stuff that write just collect dust (metaphorical dust)? I guess, in the long run, if I ever become famous or anything, I can print off everything that I have written on here and just publish it as a book and make some cash off it. I mean, hell, you never know, maybe someday this will all be read by a lot of people. It could happen…

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